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I started going to Black River Lodge in 1957 with my parents and grandparents until 1966. Dropped back by in the summer of 1969 to see Bill Onder (KC Jones) when I got back from the US Army. In 1988 my wife asked me where I used to vacation when I was a kid....I replied Black River Lodge! She wondered if she could get a reservation there in August....I said "Good Luck"...They are always booked solid! She called and told Linda about me coming there every year when I was a kid...Linda remembered! They were booked then, but, Linda said if there was a cancellation that she would notify us....weeks later she called and we went! I knew my kids would love it, but, I didn't know if my wife Bonnie would. I've had people say "You either love it or you hate it"! Bonnie absolutely LOVED it...as did the kids! We have been coming back ever since! Through the years I have come to find that many of the other guests there our week (the 2nd week of August) I played with and knew when we were kids! Our 2 children, Kenny III and Jennifer, now adults, still come every year also! No matter where we vacation each year...We always make it back to "BRL" for the 2nd week in August! Every time we cross over the bridge and enter BRL it's like going back in time and receiving a little piece of heaven!!!

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Black River Lodge has been bringing families together for over 60 years. Some of our guests have shared their memories and stories to help explain the magic of Black River Lodge.

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