Putting The Family Back In Vacation

Our family was first consumed by BRL back in 1961

Our family was first consumed by BRL back in 1961. Mom had seen an ad from AAA that promoted the lodge. Since we had a load of kids back then and Mom's best friend the Kriegers as well, they decided to give it a shot. 52 years later, still members of the Diliberto Family and the Krieger family enjoy the 4th of July week. We watched the Ries family members grow up with us and can remember the meals which were served way back then, some of which are still served today! Best lemon meringue pie I have ever had in my life..period. Still remember the flavors and great taste of the Kool-Aid when we were kids. Don't know what the record is for one family for consecutive years is, but 52 years has got to be close to the record! Anybody remember these memories.... when there was only (1) tennis court, the outdoor movie screen with the bridge behind it, horse stable down in the lower area, colored wooden slant-boards at the pool, ping-pong tourney being held at the dance floor, Cardinal building was called the "Lodge". Men would rotate playing Indian Ball one day and Cork Ball the next day after lunch, Gil would "referee" volleyball after supper, teen-age hay rides, no air conditioning in any cabins or dining room or rec hall, when there was only (2) shuffleboard courts, music on 33LP's at the pool, Bill Onder would "clang" a glass with a knife to get everyone's attention at meals for announcements, Mr. N. Ries would play church "bell" records on the Sunday morning get-a-way day, the 3-wheel golf cart that Mr. N. Ries would ride, Bill Onder playing the piano at talent show, the "enlarging" machine skit at the talent show, the long long bowling machine in the rec hall, the time of day would change at BRL to an hour ahead of St. Louis time, Miss Bea in the rec hall, I got a million of more!

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