Always something new to do.

At Black River Lodge there is always something new to do with with your family, friends, or by yourself.  Lets take a stroll around BRL and see why it’s the best place for your next family vacation.

Relax at the Pool

Go for a Swim

Theres nothing better then a dip in the pool after a fun filled day of activities at Black River Lodge.  Or just pull up a chair and a good book for a relaxing time in the sun.

Dine With Friends and Family

3 Meals A Day

All of your meals are provided at BRL so you can maximize your relaxation and family time.  Just listen for the school bell that provides a 30 minuet heads up and then calls everyone inside for an amazing country style meal.

Hit The Courts

Tennis Anyone?

Tennis anyone? Grab a racket and hit one of our 3 courts for a game. You can also join in our weekly tennis tournament for some friendly competition!

Just Relax In The AC

Cabins Cleaned Daily

Named after the birds that inhabit the area, our cabins will provide you and your family with a relaxing space to enjoy your vacation in comfort.

Ready to hit the river?

Grab a Book or a Board Game

Just Relax

Black River Lodge is all about vacationing YOUR way.  All around the lodge you can find things to do and cozy places to relax by your self or with your family!

Grab a Tube

Hit The River

While their isn’t one right way to enjoy the river, the classic inner tube stands out as a Black River Lodge favorite.  Tube rentals are just 10 bucks for the week. No training required, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Free Your Inner Child

Visit the Playground

The Black River Lodge playground provides a great place for the kids to be be a kid. (Or the occasional adult as well) Morning crafts provide a chance for parents to slip away and enjoy a tournament of their own while their children make works of art that are shared daily in the dining hall.

Try Your Hand At Archery

Robin Hood?

Grab a bow from the Rec Hall and let loose your inner Robin Hood.  Our weekly archery tournament is a kid favorite.